Hire Smarter

Military veterans transitioning from active duty bring with them a range of unique experiences and skills. Although no two veterans are the same, they are typically hard working, disciplined, and driven with demonstrated high levels of integrity. Enlisted and officers alike have tremendous leadership experience under very stressful conditions and are very achievement oriented.

But not all veterans are built for the rigors of high tech sales. Our thorough vetting process identifies the best and brightest. All candidates are required to complete multiple interviews with Tech Qualled staff in addition to being tested for their cognitive and sales personality abilities. Our current acceptance rate is 15%.


15% Acceptance Rate

We screen thousands of veteran applicants so you don't have to.

Elite Intellect

Our candidates are vetted through multiple behavioral interviews including cognitive and sales aptitude testing.

200+ Hours of Training

A comprehensive training program designed for veterans taking aim at a career in technology.


Why hire Veterans through Tech Qualled?  

First, we are a boutique firm and focus solely on technology sales. We have access to a tremendous pool of candidates through our military connections. Two of our founders are Naval Academy graduates who are still active in the military as reservists. And due to the high demand for our program, we have the luxury of vetting candidates and only selecting those who truly have the potential and desire to launch a career in technology sales. We understand how military skills translate to the tech sector and put each veteran candidate through several interviews before selecting them for our program.

Working with Tech Qualled is mutually beneficial for our organizations. We are honored and committed to help veterans transition back into the workforce. PCMG values the contributions our veterans have made, we realize that they bring a wealth of understanding about our customers’ mission, and we see them as future leaders within our business.” – Senior VP of Sales, Partner

“As veterans without prior sales or industry engineering experience, Tech Qualled provides one of the only ways to break into high tech sales. For engineering candidates like myself, you get a solid foundation of networking fundamentals, solutions, and industry trends to kick start your learning process. Not only did the program exceed my wildest expectations but it really solidified that pre-sales engineering and PCMG is a perfect fit for me.” – Tech Qualled Graduate

Second, we are the only company that specializes in Recruiting + Training. Traditional recruiting firms or even your own in-house recruiters lack the resources to invest the amount of time and money it takes to find the right person and then train them. We invest almost three months in candidate training; including two+ weeks of onsite, instructor led sales simulations and role-playing. We do the hard work finding the right candidate so you don’t have to.

What does a typical veteran profile look like?

  • 26-39 years old
  • 4-15 years of military leadership experience
  • 90% junior military officers (officers)
  • 80% service academy graduates
  • 40% have graduate degrees
  • 40% technology background (cyber security/networks/IT management)