Tech Qualled graduated its first cohort of candidates at the end of January 2016. We couldn't have been more impressed with the intellect, charisma and drive of our inaugural class. Additionally, meeting our mission was a success as all 11 veterans from our inaugural cohort were placed into high tech sales roles. Tech Qualled is committed to a thorough selection and vetting process for both our candidates and partners alike to ensure high placement remains paramount. Here are what our graduates are saying about the Launchpad Academy:

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While the proof of our training is measured in hard numbers, let that not detract from the more important facet of our program: the journey. Here is a letter written by one of our recent graduates to prospective candidates:

A Letter to Prospective Candidates

Even before I began my transition from the Navy (Surface Warfare Officer, Naval Academy Class of 2010) to the civilian sector, I was confident that I wanted to make a career in sales. I have had the unique benefit of observing my father’s sales career progression in the healthcare industry, and felt that I would be a good fit for a similar role. As I prepared for my transition I sought to build relationships with several different points of contact in the healthcare sector early, as I had been advised by those who made this transition before me. I had an obvious lack of sales experience, but felt that the skills I had acquired through military service along with natural personality traits I possess could be directly translatable: intrinsic motivation, leadership, drive to succeed, work ethic, and adaptability. Read more....