Get Qualled

You sacrificed a lot in order to serve. Now let us serve you. After all, things are different now than when you raised your right hand and took your oath. Maybe you are looking for schedule control, the ability to increase your income based on performance or a role that puts you in everyday contact with business and government leaders who are transforming the world. Or perhaps you just want a new challenge. Your reasons are your own.

A career in tech sales can be extremely rewarding. Let us help you get Tech Qualled so you can "outlearn and outwork" the competition.


Why technology sales?

  1. Inherent entrepreneurial nature of sales.
  2. Independence and an "eat what you kill" mentality.
  3. You are delivering real solutions. Successful salespeople help companies solve their problems and accelerate growth.
  4. The technology industry continues to be red hot.
  5. Salary! Compensation varies but expect to make good money if you are successfully hitting your numbers.

How do my military skills translate to this type of role?

First and foremost, the trust, teamwork and accountability that was expected of you in your unit is uncommon outside of the military. It really is. Employers will lean heavily on your work ethic and leadership to push deals forward and net new customers. Here are some other military attributes that directly translate into success on the battlefield of tech sales:

Attribute Technology Sales Attribute
Ability to rally and focus people that do not work for you.
Constant focus on improving one’s own skills and getting improved results.
Active Listening
Ability to engage in conversations and ask excellent questions while also listening intently to the answers.
Deep Curiosity
Strong desire and propensity to learn from vendors, customers and co-workers.
Rapport Building
Ability to create connections with people, high emotional intelligence.
Creative Problem Solving
Ability to quickly solve problems and answer questions on the fly and under pressure.
Ability to keep focused and optimistic in environments with frequent rejection.
Strong tendency to take action without any supervision or managerial encouragement.
The courage and character to always do what is right for the customer and for your employer.
The willingness to take intelligent risks to achieve breakthrough results.