Why We Are Here

We believe that enhancing the lives of military veterans will bring greater prosperity to everyone. We do not believe that placing; recruiting; or simply finding jobs for them is the right answer.

In 2015, we set out to uncover new, innovative ways to affect the outcomes and opportunities afforded to the veteran community. Additionally, we identified the high technology space as being an incredibly undermanned industry due to unprecedented growth.

We made a commitment to create a program, an Academy, which provides veterans with a personalized learning environment that promises access to new and previously barricaded career paths in high technology. Since then, our scope has expanded to now serve early-in-career talent in hopes of ushering in a new, more prepared sales force.

Commitment to Diversity

Tech Qualled is commited to supporting diversity and inclusion. We see the positive impact it has driving performance across our organization. We empower employees by encouraging open communication and flexible working arrangements. We support employee resource groups and the positive impact they have on creative development. We celebrate and welcome our authentic selves to foster and empower our purpose.


At Tech Qualled, our focus is, and always will be, rooted in training and education. Today, technological advances allow just about anyone the ability to overcome financial or geographic challenges to learn and advance their knowledge.
We’ve found that our candidates do best in a blended learning environment that leverages technology. Additionally, our candidates are not bound by their classroom walls in terms of access to information, knowledge, and experts.


Our program is not for everyone. We look for candidates that have a passion for the technology industry and the customer facing skills required to be successful in field roles. Our candidates must be driven to achieve breakthrough results and be comfortable with appropriate constructive tension.

Our vetting process is extremely thorough. All prospective candidates go through multiple interviews with our staff and complete both a cognitive exam and a sales aptitude evaluation. We abide by the Challenger Sales Method and look to bring in the best and brightest that have displayed the ability to teach, tailor and navigate ambiguity.


All of our candidates receive approximately seven weeks of training; taught by successful high tech executives and subject matter experts. Our courses are aimed at both preparing our candidates for rewarding entry level roles and empowering them to be the next generation of high tech leaders.


Nobody is a greater advocate for Tech Qualled than those responsible for creating it. We teamed with high tech executives and sales leaders early on to develop our program curriculum. We identified a need. They agreed with us and remain committed to helping us build a solution.