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Payment Options at
TECH Qualled

Our income share agreement is built with Veteran discounts in mind. After being accepted into our program, and by signing our income share agreement, you will be officially enrolled in Tech Qualled’s Launchpad Academy.


What makes our income share agreement unique is that you have no obligation for payment until you accept a role in technology or business sales, meeting the minimum threshold of $45,000 annual income.


We have three payment options available for you to select from.

  • Option 1: Pay $0 Upfront + Income Share Agreement
  • Option 2: Pay $0 Upfront + Contingent Payment Plan
  • Option 3: Upfront Payment



Our mission is to help Veterans learn technology sales and land high-paying tech sales jobs. With that in mind, we don’t want payment to be an inhibitor from succeeding in our Launchpad Academy. That’s why we offer Income Share Agreements, allowing you to start paying after landing a job in technology or sales, meeting a minimum annual salary threshold.




  • An Income Share Agreement allows you to pay back a fixed percentage of your monthly income 

  • Payments are only made when you are employed above a minimum income threshold

  • Payments continue for a fixed number of months until the total amount paid reaches a predetermined maximum


    You can join Tech Qualled, launch your tech sales career, and level up for life, all without paying anything upfront!
  • Option 1: Pay $0 upfront with our Income Share Agreement

    Our Income Share Agreement (ISA) gives you the option to start Tech Qualled Launchpad Academy for $0 and pay fees back only after you’ve landed a job making at least $45,000/year.

    Pay $0 upfront

    We’ll cover the upfront cost of your fees so you can focus on becoming the best you during bootcamp. Only start to pay back once you’re making at least $45,000 a year.

    Only make payments once you achieve career success.

    When you do land a job, you’ll start to make monthly payments back of 10% of your salary for 24 months.

    Stop payments once you’ve reached the cap

    Payments stop after you’ve reached the $12,000 cap.

    Option 2: Pay $0 upfront with one of our Contingent Payment Plans

    Our Contingent Payment Plans also allow you to start Launchpad Academy for $0 and pay your fees back only after you’ve landed a job making at least $45,000/year.  Instead of paying 10% of your salary as you do with the ISA, this option gives students the option to make set monthly payments for a selected monthly timeframe.

    CPP: Pay $500 a month for 24 months

    Easy Monthly Bank Draft Payment Options

    Option 3: Pay Fees

    Instead of an Income Share Agreement, students can opt to pay fees upfront at a rate of $9,500.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once you have applied to our program using the Apply Now! form and have been accepted, we will guide you to a secure application page tied to the specific program you are looking to attend. The application is all online and typically takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

    ISAs are designed to increase access to quality education. We will speak with you 1:1 to determine whether ISAs are a fit for you given our approval parameters. A co-signer is not needed.

    Once you complete the program and begin your employment, our ISA Program Manager will work with you to verify your income. Once you are earning above the Minimum Income Threshold, you will make monthly payments of 10% of your pre-tax monthly income through the online portal.

    If you lose your job or earn below the Minimum Income Threshold, you will be placed into the Deferment Period and no payments will be due again until you are earning above the Minimum Income Threshold again.

    If you decide to change career paths and accept a job role outside of technology or outside of sales, no problem! We will simply place your payments on hold until you transition back into a technology or sales role.