My (Short) Story

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Hello to whoever is reading this! My name is Sean, and this is my short (as possible) story about how Tech Qualled and its leadership saved my future. That may sound extreme but that’s why I say fut[...] Read more

#TQStories: Kevin Snodgrass

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#TQStories feature Launchpad Academy coaches and graduates will a goal of sharing what technology sales is really like. KEVIN SNODGRASS – COHORT 4 How did you get started in Technology Sales? Af[...] Read more

Marine Pilot Joins Empirix Team

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TRANSITION OUT OF THE MILITARY “I spent five years in the Marine Corps as a pilot, and my transition out was a little unique.  The last few months of my time in the Marines was filled with quite a [...] Read more

Marine Enters the Cloud Security Market

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“I always knew I wanted to be in sales after the military. I remember the months prior to my transition out of the Marine Corps, I encountered several different “roadmaps” I could ch[...] Read more

An Army Captain’s Opinion on Tech Sales

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If someone would have told me five years ago that I would be in tech sales after the military, I would have laughed. Me? A salesman? I was a Captain in the Army. I had eight years of leadership experi[...] Read more

Why Tech Qualled Bets on Veterans

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Tech Qualled is sure of itself as a program that breeds success – as it should be after placing over 200+ veterans in technology sales roles. The organization has developed the “secret sau[...] Read more

Is Recruiting At A Job Fair Worth It?

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Job Fairs!  As hiring managers, we have all been to them.  Sometimes by design, other times by surprise, the conference you paid $2,500 to “Exhibit” at, quickly becomes filled with nothi[...] Read more