Transition from Military to High-Tech B2B Sales


This summer I retired after 21 action-packed years of service in the Air Force. As a Pararescueman (PJ) or Combat Rescue Officer (CRO), our selfless motto was to “save lives and aid the injured.” We trained with a purpose each day to overcome challenging, complex situations so that our small team would be successful no matter the obstacles we faced.B2B Tech

As my family and I contemplated employment options beyond the military, we didn’t realize how significant the barriers to entry were for quality, rewarding jobs. Unfortunately, parachuting, scuba diving, and marksmanship are not skills that translate seamlessly into the corporate world.

Thankfully, an acquaintance introduced us to a small organization named Tech Qualled, which provides a veteran “launchpad” into the high-tech B2B sales industry. I had discovered my path forward and was thankful that such an opportunity existed.

Although there were no flutter kicks or firehoses spraying water, the 7-week Tech Qualled program was rigorous and of high quality. It started off by providing us a detailed overview of the technology sector, to include networking, data center, IoT, cloud and more. They used extensive role-playing to educate us on the sales process and to develop business acumen. The program is selective and they bring on only those who demonstrate leadership, integrity, resiliency and the ability to problem-solve. My fellow cohort members were talented, passionate individuals anxious to use the soft skills they attained throughout their military careers to add value to the high-tech B2B sales industry.

B2B TechI would like to extend sincere gratitude to those professionals who make up the Tech Qualled team (Todd Brown, Ryan Ketchum, Meredith Doran, Ruth Davis, Jim Sheriff, Karen Sheriff, Makena Collins) as well as the numerous coaches and mentors who dedicate time in support of Tech Qualled’s noble mission of providing valuable training to veterans. Industry leaders such as Jeff Heilman, Katie Bush, James Kessenich, Dowell Stackpole, Colleen Gobbi, Dan Staley, and many others invested their time into our success.

I look forward to starting this exciting new chapter with IMPRES Technology Solutions.     As a motivated small business, we’ll provide cutting-edge IT infrastructure and innovative solutions with a sincere focus on supporting the Air Force and Special Operations mission, which will forever be my passion.


B2B TechAbout Jesse:

Jesse Peterson lives in Denver, CO with his family. As a graduate of Tech Qualled’s Cohort 16, he now works as an Account Executive at Impres Technology Solutions.

About Impres:

Impres Technology Solutions delivers information technology solutions and services to the Federal Government. Coupling their mission-focused customer understanding with deep OEM partner relationships and small business HUBZone, and SDB, status – IMPRES is a “Go-To” prime contractor for a myriad of mission-critical programs.