#TQStories: Kevin Snodgrass

#TQStories feature Launchpad Academy coaches and graduates will a goal of sharing what technology sales is really like.


How did you get started in Technology Sales?

After joining the Naval Reserves, I ended up in the oil and gas industry. My job was a “clock in – clock out” type of deal where I would literally run spreadsheets all day every day.

What made you decide to join the Launchpad Academy?

I looked around at my life and realized I needed a change. Being in a monotonous job working 8-5 PM was not cutting it. I was ready for a challenge, and I had my wife and two kids as encouragement.

What was your placement experience during Launchpad Academy?

I was restricted to Dallas, TX at the time of my placement, so I had a much slower process getting hired than many of the other candidates. I ended up landing an Account Executive role at Cima Solutions Group where I sold hardware and managed services to smaller sized businesses.

How did you end up at AT&T?

Six months after I joined Cima Solutions Group, we began selling $2k/month subscriptions. It was tough to meet the quota, so when a friend reached out regarding a role at AT&T selling to Federal, I jumped at the opportunity. Today, I am a Client Solution Executive working Air Force bases east of Mississippi. I have a $1.4M Quota, and this year I have exceeded that by 3300%. I am so incredibly thankful for Launchpad Academy and my role at Cima Solutions Group. Without those stepping stones, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Kevin Snodgrass

What was the most challenging part of tech sales?

I took a pay cut to get started in tech sales which was honestly really tough on me and my family. I went from an 8-5 PM job to hitting the party circuit, going to luncheons, attending happy hours… it’s challenging putting in the hours and having to be out every night.

What was the best part of tech sales?

It completely changed my life financially and emotionally. My life was okay, and then I was happy. You can’t put success in your bank account.

What’s next for you?

I love AT&T and definitely want to stay here. I would like to continue moving up, improving,
and possibly taking a lateral project management route. I am always looking for the next challenge, and AT&T / Tech Sales is the avenue that is able to provide that for me.


For more information about the Launchpad Academy for Veterans, email info@staging.techqualled.flywheelsites.com

ABOUT KEVIN – Kevin is a graduate of Tech Qualled Launchpad Academy, Cohort 4. He is a Client Solutions Executive for AT&T in the Mississippi region.

Kevin Snodgrass