My (Short) Story

Hello to whoever is reading this! My name is Sean, and this is my short (as possible) story about how Tech Qualled and its leadership saved my future. That may sound extreme but that’s why I say future and not life. Without their dedication and expertise along with the fantastic foundation that is the Tech Qualled program, I would not be where I am today and where I could be, in the future.

StoryI spent six years within the U.S. Navy as an aviation mechanic, separating from the service after an honorable discharge in 2018. In my short time, as many veterans and current members will know, I sharpened multiple traits such as decision making, working under pressure, dedication to not only my direct mission but the big picture, just to name some critical examples. After my transition back into civilian life, I ran into the same problem many veterans do and the entire reason Tech Qualled came to be.

Many employers love veterans and will rant and rave about them, but there always seemed to be a reason I just wasn’t qualified enough. Outside of civilian aviation, I was stuck. I used my G.I. Bill for a while but without a passion for my course of study that did not last long. Once more, I was stuck. One day I was at work, doing mindless manual labor that my large body and frame have always been used for, and a relative sent me a link through text. At lunch I clicked on the link out of slight curiosity and within the 30 minutes of lunch, I forgot to eat the rest of my food as I scrambled to read, review, google, and hell even yahoo search any and all information I could about what Tech Qualled is and how I could get myself involved. I had a phone call set up the very next day and spoke to an individual out of their amazing leadership and on that day, the road I was traveling split as I took the path to greater opportunities.

The program is all I could have hoped for and more. I struggle to truly put into words how valuable the lessons are. How insightful the roleplay’s and feedback can be, and how truly unique the array of coaches they bring in to volunteer their time in helping some veterans. Plenty of materials to help you learn from websites to books you can order, to be able to email the staff. They ask for your focus for the six weeks but understand if you have family obligations, prior commitments or even work here or there. Put it this way, I had a ZERO in the sales experience category and am currently a recent hire within the sales team of a large company, as an Account Executive. It was a whirlwind of the past two months but I am currently in the best job I ever had, working for the best paycheck I have ever had, and for once (listen up Veterans) I am getting paid equal to what I earn! I plan on hopefully being permitted to update this within the next few months and give more insight into how the TQ program has compared to my current role as an actual Account Executive.

StoryFor now, I will leave my final thoughts here: If you are a veteran, looking for either a career change or to finally be paid for the hard work and dedication you bring to the table, your chance is here. Better yet, veterans get in for FREE!!! Call, apply, send in the required materials and stick the guidelines of the course once you get in. Bring your best for six short weeks and you can be rewarded with opportunities that I personally, just two months ago, never thought I would attain. If you have further questions and want a non-TQ leader opinion, have them get us in touch and I will be forthcoming and outright honest with any pro/con sheet you have.




For more information about the Launchpad Academy for Veterans, email