Counterintelligence Agent to High Tech Sales

In his own words, Quentin Carey shares about his journey from Counterintelligence to High-Tech Sales:

“Leaving a promising career in Army counterintelligence (CI) after 11 years was a decision that I had to make. I had outgrown the CI field and wanted to advance in a new career.”

Just like other transitioning CI soldiers in the past, the next logical step for me was working within the Department of Defense or government contracting. Unless you’re willing to move to the East Coast or work on one-year contracts in the Middle East, it is difficult to find military intelligence work. Without experience in any other field, I was facing a government job with stagnant pay as my only option.

It was at this point that I received a LinkedIn message from Tech Qualled (TQ), asking me if I was interested in the opportunity to move into high-tech sales. It was an email, I would later realize, that changed my life.

TQ provided me the opportunity to move into a lucrative career in high-tech sales, which I came to learn is extremely similar to the work I did as a CI Agent. Of all military occupational specialties, intelligence work is the most translatable to high-tech sales. Prospecting, investigating, proposing, and influencing are all skills needed within the CI field. TQ took those skills and brought them to another level.

CounterintelligenceAs the only enlisted soldier within my TQ cohort, my wariness was quickly put aside as I realized we were all one team no matter where we came from. I immersed myself into the in-depth 7-week online training and realized as each week passed that this was the correct decision. Although I did not consider myself a “techie,” the delivery of the material was easily digestible. Even though at times it seemed as if I was drinking from a fire hose, the things that make us veterans invaluable, our determination and perseverance, pushed me through.

The culmination of the program, the 2 week “Sales Bootcamp”, was one of the best experiences of my life. Being able to meet and bond with my peers led to relationships that will last for years to come. TQ brought in a slew of C-level leadership and experienced Account Executives to give us on-the-spot coaching and enormous jewels of information. By the end, each of us had refined our skills and become marketable and valuable candidates ready to succeed in the high-tech sales world.

Answering that LinkedIn message was one of the best things I’ve done in my life. TQ provided me the only way possible to leave the status quo behind and be able to achieve financial goals that otherwise wouldn’t have been reached for a decade.

Through this process I have realized that this is what I was meant to do. The company I decided to work for is a regional value-added reseller headquartered in Denver, Colorado. They have given me autonomy, perks and the opportunity to be as successful as I want, with no ceiling.

I cannot thank Jim and Karen Sherriff and the entire TQ staff enough for providing all of us veterans this opportunity to unleash our full potential and reach our personal dreams!”

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