E-Learning Sales Platform for Tech Companies Go Live!

Tech Qualled’s E-Learning Sales platform for tech companies officially go live this week!

We have a lot to celebrate as we approach our 2-year anniversary. Tech Qualled now boasts over 65 partners that are committed to our mission of training and placing military veterans into the high technology space. Through these partnerships, we are able to deliver top-notch and diverse talent to IT organizations across the country.

How are our graduates performing? We have dozens of success stories so allow us to boast:

  • Tech Qualled graduate cracks the Top 15 account executives at a national VAR (Atlanta)
  • Tech Qualled graduate is recognized as the #2 performer in public sector space at a national partner (San Diego)
  • Tech Qualled graduate is recognized for meeting or exceeding quota for 6 straight months at a national partner (Washington D.C.)

After successfully training over 100 veteran candidates, I’m excited to announce that Tech Qualled will be making our training available to our partners for their Early-in-Career employees (non-veteran). Tech Qualled’s Launchpad Academy and e-learning sales training platform created and taught by former Cisco executives allows companies to choose what works best for their employee base with everything from self-paced content to a week-long, advanced in-person sales Bootcamp. By leveraging what we have done with our veterans, we have successfully developed a curriculum and approach that works well with individuals just starting their sales careers in the high tech industry.


Jim Sherriff
CEO of Tech Qualled


For more information on how Tech Qualled can help your organization achieve its “early-in-career” sales talent acquisition and development goals via our e-learning sales platform, please reach out to:

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