My Technology Sales Journey: Lauren Gurski

Five months ago, I was contacted by a recruiter from Tech Qualled asking me if I was interested in a career in the technology sales industry. Not knowing anything about sales, the technology sector, or what Tech Qualled was, I listened to the recruiter’s pitch with an open mind. My transition out of the Army in 2012 hadn’t gone as expected and I was looking for a career change. After 4+ years in health insurance collections, it wasn’t bringing me the fulfillment I needed on a daily basis.

I completed a thorough application and interview process with Tech Qualled of which only 15% of applicants are accepted; after that, I didn’t think about the training program much further. I continued my daily routine as a “corporate zombie” until I quit my job in December of 2017. I was going to dedicate time to really focusing on what I wanted to do for a career and not just a job. With two days left at my old job, I received the call. Jim Sheriff (Co-Founder and former CEO of Tech Qualled) informed me I was selected for the program. I flew out of my seat and started jumping up and down! I had no idea what I was going to do once my job ended and was grateful to have a direction and purpose in my career. I didn’t really think much of what was to come. I was just happy that I would not (hopefully) be unemployed for long.

During the seven weeks of training that Tech Qualled calls the Launchpad Academy, its technology salesflagship training program, it became apparent what an opportunity and gift this training was. I learned about the sales process, common technical terms, and products, current industry trends and insights, etc. The program fosters a spirit of cooperation amongst its alumni (similar to the same comradery experienced in the service). Fellow veterans who graduated from the program graciously took time out of their busy schedules to help mentor and guide me. I sharpened my industry knowledge and sales skills taking advantage of every opportunity the program presented. As a result, I’ve recently been hired as a Regional Vice President with nCino Inc., the leader in cloud-based operating solutions for the financial services industry.


I wouldn’t have been able to successfully transition to technology sales without the superb guidance and coaching of the Tech Qualled team!