Never Settle – The Meritocracy of Sales

“Happy people can look back and say they chose their life, not settled for it.”

– Shannon L. Alder

Everyone has different circumstances which drive their decisions in life. However, we all are so fortunate to live in America where we have the freedom of choice. As fellow veterans, you are aware of the sacrifices our brothers and sisters-in-arms have made to allow us that freedom. After fighting for your country, why settle for anything less than the ability to exercise that option?

As you begin your transition from the military, you have undoubtedly been told one or more of the following “rules”:

  • You have to be really flexible in location preferences to get a decent job.
  • You have to be realistic in your income expectations – remember you are just starting out in a new job.
  • Your most valuable asset is your leadership, so your ideal job is project management.

Those rules are fine for some people, and that is their choice. If these are rules you can live by, then stop reading this article now and go back to checking your FB feed for cat videos. But if you are like me and do not want to settle and be bound by these rules, then keep reading.Meritocracy

I knew that working in an office from 9-5 for a mediocre salary, in another town that I did not want to live in, was not my way to happiness. As I began my transition, I started looking into sales primarily because of the meritocracy of that aspect of business. You get paid based on the work you put in. Then I began to focus on the tech industry because of its continuing growth and impact in our everyday lives. Shortly after updating my LinkedIn profile accordingly, I received a phone call from Justin Ossola at Tech Qualled and the rest is history. If you’ve read my previous articles, you know all about that, but what happened when the dust settled? Was it everything I dreamed about? Short answer – YES!

I’m currently a Field Sales Account Executive at a national IT solutions provider. I absolutely believe in my company’s mission, and I have the best coworkers and mentor anyone could ask for. The best part – I get to work remotely which allows me the flexibility to spend time with my husband (on his crazy schedule, as he is still an active duty Army Officer). Do I have to perform at a very high level?  Are there leadership challenges? Absolutely! But I’m excited to wake up each morning and learn something new every single day. Tech Qualled prepared me with the resources, knowledge base, and skill set to successfully transition to this fast paced industry. They also ensured that we knew how to correctly leverage our non-tangible skills such as leadership, public speaking, and a commanding presence, to have successful customer engagements and close deals.

You don’t have to settle for being stuck in the 9-5. You absolutely can have control over your future. If you have ever thought about sales or the tech industry reach out to Tech Qualled today at