PCM-G Collaborates with Tech Qualled

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., July 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PCM-G, Inc., a top IT solutions provider to the public sector, education and state and local agencies and wholly-owned subsidiary of PCM, Inc. (NASDAQ:PCMI) today announced a collaboration with veteran training organization, Tech Qualled, to help US veterans secure jobs in the IT industry.

With its rapid expansion and growth nationwide, PCM-G sought a way to recruit more high-caliber candidates with deep interests in technology and strong work ethics.

PCM-G Crew“Working with Tech Qualled is mutually beneficial for our organizations,” said Wayne Fullerton, Senior Vice President of Sales for PCM-G.  “We are honored and committed to help veterans transition back into the workforce. PCM-
G values the contributions our veterans have made, we realize that they bring a wealth of understanding about our customers’ mission, and we see them as future leaders within our business.”

Founder of Tech Qualled, Jim Sherriff, started the company in 2014 as a way to give veterans the skills they needed to assimilate back into the workforce in an industry that many didn’t have access to due to lack of training.

Tech Qualled is a free 10-week program for those interested in working in the Field Sales or Engineering management side of the IT industry.  Each track is specifically focused on teaching veterans concepts such as data center solutions, basic networking, and cloud computing, as well as hands-on training such as sales role-playing, running successful customer meetings and handling objections.

“Value-added technology solution providers like PCM-G bring together the largest tech companies in the industry,” said Justin Ossola, Tech Qualled Co-founder. “And in the case of PCM-G, aim to serve the Federal Government for which veterans are inherently well suited.”

Former Navy Lieutenant, Lauren Burnell, graduated from Tech Qualled’s first cohort with the opportunity to experience both the sales and engineering curriculums before finding a job as a pre-sales engineer with PCM-G.  “As veterans without prior sales or industry engineering experience, Tech Qualled provides one of the only ways to break into high tech sales,” said Burnell. “For engineering candidates like myself, you get a solid foundation of networking fundamentals, solutions, and industry trends to kick start your learning process. Not only did the program exceed my wildest expectations but it really solidified that pre-sales engineering and PCM-G is a perfect fit for me.”

According to Ossola, PCM-G is the number one employer recruiting candidates from the Tech Qualled program— helping to facilitate the transition for veterans into a challenging and lucrative career path.

For more information on Tech Qualled visit www.staging.techqualled.flywheelsites.com. To learn more about PCM-G IT Solutions and Services visit www.pcmg.com or call 800-625-5468.