Why Tech, Why You, and Why Now?

This message is written by a veteran, to veterans. It’s written because I interact with hundreds of transitioning veterans every month as a recruiter. Based on those conversations, I would like to offer some perspective to help you better conceptualize your civilian career, understand your value in the marketplace, and see where you fit into the future of the commercial landscape.

I invite you to follow up with me. Let me know what resonates with you!

Here are some facts about the tech industry and the Account Executive role, along with my personal advice for how to apply them in your career transition:

Technology is a $53 billion industry, touching every other industry globally. To compete – even to survive – every company now needs to be a tech company.

  • Don’t apologize for wanting to make money for the first time in your professional life. Money is how impact is measured in the commercial world.

There is a need for traits of commitment, discipline, teamwork and tenacity in the business-to-business sales role in tech.

  • Don’t undersell your military experience. You bring a very uniquely challenging lifestyle, and have carried more responsibility than you likely give yourself credit for. Your character is invaluable in the commercial world.

This market is shaped by rapid innovation, dynamic change, and departure from norms.

  • Don’t conform to a post-military career field without considering where that field is going in the next 10 or 20 years. Any military warfare specialty can translate into success in tech sales.

Prior to the Tech Qualled program, there was no way for veterans to access this role in this industry.

  • Do research the success of our candidates thus far, and see for yourself that this career path is now well-proven. Know that you can be the next success story.

The Account Executive role inherently comes with a need to master the practical levers of business, and produce actionable results.

  • Do evaluate your career goals carefully. If you aspire toward entrepreneurship or company leadership, the Account Executive role offers real-time and honest feedback on the efficacy of your business acumen. Entrepreneurship and executive leadership always require knowledge of sales.

The Account Executive role uniquely positions you face-to-face with the top tier of decision makers at client companies.

  • Do consider the value of daily access to the mentalities of the highest level of business leaders in your first job out of the military.

I am here to help you think through your options and will be the first to tell you if we are not a good mutual fit. If this article or the Tech Qualled mission sparks your interest, please contact me and we can discuss whether this career path is right for you!


Why TechVeteran Recruiting Manager at Tech Qualled, Meredith served as a US Marine Corps Logistics Officer and is the spouse, sister, and daughter of US Marines. Meredith graduated from the United States Naval Academy with a BS in International Relations where she proudly served as 18th Company Commander.