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Does your recruiter provide sales training?

What is the value of a recruiter?

Traditionally, when I think of recruiters, sales training does not jump to mind.  I think “this is someone who will save me the time of locating candidates.”  Then, my next thought is, “but how do I know these are good candidates?”  There is value in a recruiter, don’t get me wrong, I covered this in a previous blog.  But what if that recruiter also provided training vital to future success and also continued the vetting process throughout that training as they watched them in action.  This would be extremely valuable to a sales hiring manager.

Combining Recruiting and Sales Training

Imagine a recruiter who specializes in one single area.  One so specific that they actually vet 100 candidates on the front end, arrive at the 16 best, and then…TRAIN them for 8 weeks.  Usually recruiting and training don’t always go together.  However, they should.  At Techqualled, the standard program is as described above, vet candidates, train them in a 7 week program called LaunchPad for Veterans.  This program provides training specifically for Technology Sales roles.  I participate regularly in the role plays and can tell you, this is real world, challenging sales training at it’s finest.

Come for the recruiting, stay for the sales training

As Techqualled evolves, our hiring partners and our Veterans are seeing the value of the training aspect of the program.  We are now fielding requests and building out programs to simply provide sales training for their existing employees.  That speaks volumes to the quality of this program.  So, expect more as you hire a recruiter.  Don’t just ask for a stack of resumes, ask them to see the syllabus for their training program.

Veteran Training: ePlus and Tech Qualled Partnership

HERNDON, Va., Jan. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ePlus inc. (NASDAQ:PLUS) today announced a long-term partnership with veteran training organization, Tech Qualled, to help U.S. military veterans secure jobs in the IT industry.

“ePlus is excited to be a part of the Tech Qualled Program, offering our military veterans an opportunity to further their careers within the technology sector,” said Susan Lawlor, ePlus’ vice president.  “Partnering with Tech Qualled is a mutually beneficial venture.  We look forward to welcoming veterans to our very capable team—and giving them the opportunity to be part of robust IT initiatives that make technology mean more and make a powerful difference in our customers’ business.”

Co-Founder and CEO of Tech Qualled, Jim Sherriff, started the company in 2015 as a way to give veterans the skills they needed to assimilate back into the workforce in an industry that many didn’t have access to due to lack of experience or training. Mr. Sherriff spent more than 30 years in executive leadership roles at both HP and Cisco.

Tech Qualled is a free, nine-week training program for transitioning military veterans interested in working in outside technology sales. The curriculum is specifically focused on teaching veterans concepts such as data center solutions, basic networking, and cloud computing as well as hands-on sales training. The Launchpad Academy is capped off by a 10-day sales “boot camp” held in Fort Worth, TX.

Tech Qualled, through its Launchpad Academy veteran training, also helps candidates secure job offers upon graduating from the program at top IT companies like ePlus. Tech Qualled focuses on partnering with technology companies that have an interest in a blended talent pool comprised of early-in-career candidates who also carry exceptional leadership experience.

“ePlus is the gold standard of technology integrators, so to have them as partners since the beginning has been tremendous for our candidates, our training, and our growth,” said Nick Breedlove, co-founder of Tech Qualled. According to Breedlove, ePlus is one of Tech Qualled’s most committed and enthusiastic partners—seeing the intrinsic value that veterans bring to any sales organization. “ePlus’ willingness to provide expertise and resources throughout our Launchpad Academy, not to mention hire multiple graduates of our program, is a testament to their faith in our innovative approach.”

About Tech Qualled

Tech Qualled is committed to enhancing the lives of the military personnel by offering veteran training and placing them into rewarding careers in high technology. For more information on Tech Qualled, visit www.staging.techqualled.flywheelsites.com.  Follow Tech Qualled on Twitter @TQualled.

About ePlusinc.

ePlus is an engineering-centric technology solutions provider that helps organizations imagine, implement, and achieve more from their technology.  With the highest certifications from top technology partners and expertise in key technologies from data center to security, cloud, and collaboration, ePlus transforms IT from a cost center to a business enabler.  Founded in 1990, ePlus has more than 1,000 associates serving a diverse set of customers nationally, and in Europe.  The Company is headquartered at 13595 Dulles Technology Drive, Herndon, VA, 20171.  For more information, visit www.eplus.com, call 888-482-1122, or email info@eplus.com.  Connect with ePlus on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ePlusinc and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/ePlus.   ePlus. Where Technology Means More®.

Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/eplus-and-tech-qualled-announce-partnership-to-hire-military-veterans-20170110-00444#ixzz4Va4ZYsV7 

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