Why Tech Qualled Bets on Veterans

Tech Qualled is sure of itself as a program that breeds success – as it should be after placing over 200+ veterans in technology techsales roles. The organization has developed the “secret sauce” to revamp traditional recruitment by vetting elite military veterans who have 5+ years of leadership experience, training them, and then place them into customer-facing careers within the high tech sales industry. Because Tech Qualled is confident that their graduates will outwork, out-learn, and ultimately out-perform their peers significantly, the Launchpad Academy comes at no cost to the veterans. This assumption of talent is based on the following attributes and competencies found in the veterans that Tech Qualled carefully selects:



Military Veterans are accustomed to delivering desired results within time, scope, and budget constraints regardless of the challenges faced. They tend to perform well under pressure and recover rapidly from adversity, mistakes, distractions, and any other obstacles in their path.



High-Tech Sales require cross-functional communication and professionals who know how to engage all stakeholders from administrative assistants to C-Level executives. Veterans routinely communicate cross-functionally from enlisted to officer, junior ranks to senior ranks, etc. This makes veterans a natural fit for Account Executive type roles.



Veterans know how to embrace, communicate, and implement change. They are able and willing to drive transformation, even while asking tough questions and requesting modifications or concessions to any aspects of change that they deem necessary to challenge.



The United States Military is perhaps the most diverse institution in the world. Inclusion and respect of persons are woven into the fabric of military service. Hire a veteran onto any team and they will likely be the initiators of synergy and empathy. Advocating for adversity isn’t a marketing campaign or a necessary means to an end for military veterans – it’s a lifestyle and a vital condition for a culture to thrive.



TechAbout Alexis:
Alexis “Lex” Brown is a candidate in Tech Qualled’s Launchpad Academy Cohort 16 graduating August 1, 2019. As a former QA Program Manager and Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, Lex is now a Content Engineer eager to begin his career in tech sales.