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Tech Qualled – Seal Legacy Foundation UNT Mean Green Salute to the Navy Seals

Tech Qualled – SEAL Legacy Foundation UNT Mean Green Salute to the Navy Seals

At Tech Qualled, we often find ourselves in a position to help fellow military organizations by sharing information with regards to important fundraising events taking place across our armed forces divisions.

On October 15th, 2022, a group of United States Navy SEALs will be skydiving into a University of North Texas football game. The purpose of the skydive is to raise money for the SEAL Legacy Foundation. The SEAL Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that specializes in assisting active duty, retired, and deceased U.S. Navy SEALs and their families. The event will take place on October 15th, 2022 at the Mean Green football game against Louisiana Tech.
If you would like to make a donation to “Mean Green Salute to the SEALs” event, please visit:
To learn more about the SEAL Legacy Foundation and their mission:
If you are part of a larger organization who is interested in learning more about supporting this foundation and potentially sponsoring the event, please reach out to me, Nicole Brown, and I will provide you with additional documentation (2-One Page PDF Files) along with a contact at the foundation, Jake Hellman.
To attend the game and for ticket information, please visit:

Thank you for supporting our military! Please share and spread the word!


If you’re a veteran transitioning to the civilian workforce and are interested in a career in high-tech sales — or a tech company interested in hiring veterans — you can learn more about our, Tech Qualled’s, training program by Following our Facebook Page: or connecting with us on LinkedIn:

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The SEAL Legacy Foundation is dedicated to providing support to families of wounded and fallen United States Navy SEALs, educational assistance for SEALs and their families, and other charitable causes benefiting the SEAL community. Established in 2011, the SEAL Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt organization based in Austin, TX. The Foundation was founded by SEALs, is run by SEALs, and supports the brave men of the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams. Please visit them at:

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John Rossi Schenck | Tech Qualled Graduate Cohort 6 | May 6, 1984 – July 9, 2022

John Rossi Schenck
Tech Qualled Graduate Cohort 6
May 6, 1984 – July 9, 2022

Tech Qualled lost one of our own this past week. We are deeply saddened to share John Rossi Schenck, Tech Qualled Graduate Cohort 6, passed away on Saturday, July 9, 2022 in Austin, Texas.

John joined Tech Qualled by way of the United States Marine Corps, where he first served in Afghanistan as a Platoon Commander from January 2009 – April 2010.

During John’s distinguished U.S. Marine Corps career, he served as an Operations Manager | Executive Officer coordinating humanitarian efforts for 7 Central and South American countries, led newly selected junior managers as an Instructor for the USMC The Basic School, and served as a Company Commander while deployed in Korea, finally transitioning to his civilian career after completing an Operations Manager role with the U.S. Marine Corps.

John was preceded in death by his kind, loving, and beautiful wife, Kaema Akpan Schenck. Together, they leave behind a precious son, John “Junior” Rossi Akpan Schenck and their faithful companion, Flash.  A Go Fund Me has been established for Junior. If you are so moved, you can give here:

A memorial visitation for John will be held Saturday, July 23, 2022 from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM at Cook-Walden/Capital Parks Funeral Home, 14501 North Ih-35, Pflugerville, TX 78660.

John, a loving father, husband, son, and friend to those that knew him and will be greatly missed.

We thank John for his service and for his sacrifice. We owe a debt of gratitude to him for, in times of war and peace, having faithfully defended our nation.

Rest in Peace, John Rossi Schenck ~ Semper Fidelis ~ May 6, 1984 – July 9, 2022

Photos Shared from: Claudia Bianchi Biedenharn, Friend and Wes Jagoe, U.S. Marine Corps

Tech Qualled – Helping the Military Thrive In Civilian Life

Helping Those Who Defend Our Freedoms Thrive In Civilian Life: Tech Qualled

If there’s any institution in our nation that enjoys almost universal trust and support, it’s the U.S. military. A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 83 percent of respondents expresses high confidence in our military “to act in the best interests of the public.”

This positive sentiment, however, does not necessarily carry over into the job market. Many active-duty personnel labor under the mistaken assumption that employers in the private sector will be lining up to put them to work as soon as they retire from military service.

Sadly, that’s not the case. In another recent survey conducted by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), almost half of the respondents said they were unprepared to transition to the civilian workforce. According to IAVA Chief Policy Officer Tom Tarantino, “Expectations of people leaving the military are higher than reality. We need to do a better job to set them up for success.”

Setting veterans up for success in the civilian workforce is exactly what Tech Qualled aims to do. The company was conceived by leaders from Cisco and HP, Jim and Karen Sherriff, who realized that:

  • Sales is a vocation that can be taught.
  • Veterans are more likely to have the necessary grit, tenacity, and drive to succeed and deserve to find meaningful work once their term of service is complete.
  • The demand for effective technology sellers is almost infinite.

Our Founders

Jim and Karen Sherriff partnered with active-duty military personnel and veterans alike to found Tech Qualled in 2015. Since then, the organization has pursued an innovation-first approach to enhancing the opportunities and outcomes afforded to the veteran community.

Essential to that approach is Tech Qualled’s comprehensive — and cost-effective — curriculum. Developed in partnership with experts in technology sales, Tech Qualled provides this curriculum to veterans via a learning management system that blends self-paced, virtual, and in-person instruction. The company recruits veterans who have an aptitude for sales, puts them through a 7-week boot camp, then helps those trainees secure sales positions with Tech Qualled’s partners. As Tech Qualled CEO Todd Brown explains, “We like to think of ourselves as both a training academy and launching pad.”

Tech Qualled currently partners with more than 150 top technology companies, including Cisco, Salesforce, Dell, VMware, Presidio, Tektronic, and Check Point Software. In addition to hiring Tech Qualled graduates, many of these firms participate in the training program’s role-playing exercises.

But landing the job is just one of several victories Tech Qualled’s veterans must notch on the way to achieving their ultimate goal. Staying on the job in an exceptionally competitive industry that experiences frequent turnover is just as crucial. Statistics show that Tech Qualled more than adequately prepares its graduates to do so. Over 80 percent of the veterans Tech Qualled places in tech sales retain their jobs past year one. That’s 30 percentage points above the industry average.

To date, Tech Qualled has set nearly 300 veterans on the path to a meaningful, sustainable, and lucrative civilian career. But, like many other small businesses, Tech Qualled found itself battling a formidable enemy throughout the first half of 2020: COVID-19.

“Tech Qualled is not cash-rich by design,” Todd says. “Our funding is dependent on our veterans securing the positions for which they’ve trained, and we try to invest every dollar we make in placing more veterans. Unfortunately, by the end of March, 85 percent of our key hiring partners had implemented hiring freezes.”

Although Tech Qualled had done everything right and kept its organization lean, the company found itself cash-strapped and struggling to meet payroll. “We only employ five full-time employees,” Todd notes. “But, without their passion, we couldn’t function.”

Keeping that team together became Tech Qualled’s top priority. As soon the company’s leadership learned that the Small Business Administration (SBA) had created a COVID-19-specific lending program, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), they contacted their bank. The PPP was a very new initiative, and public information about how it would help small businesses keep their doors open through the pandemic was scant and — in some instances — conflicting.

Understandably, Tech Qualled’s leadership was eager to participate in the program and find a financial partner who could provide the knowledge and support needed to weather a period of unprecedented uncertainty. But answers to Tech Qualled’s PPP-related questions were slow in coming. Worse, the responses the company eventually received from its bank were, in Todd’s words, “non-committal.”

Tech Qualled’s leadership realized they would need to retain the services of a new bank if they hoped to secure any emergency funding through the PPP. And they didn’t have time to lose. The program’s original $349 billion allocation was rapidly being depleted.

After reaching out to and never hearing back from several other banks, Todd contacted Guaranty Bank & Trust’s Fort Worth location. To Todd’s immense relief, Tech Qualled’s query was received very differently there. “Even though we weren’t his customer, Casey Tibbets treated us like one from the very start,” he recalls.

Casey immediately began assisting Tech Qualled in assembling and submitting its PPP application. Casey also did reconnaissance work and delivered valuable intelligence. “Casey was extremely responsive to our every concern — not to mention our moments of panic — and gave us daily updates on our application’s status,” Todd says. “His transparency about the process meant we could deal in facts and actions rather than having to wonder if the funds would somehow magically appear in our bank account. Casey was truly the savior of our mission.”

Three weeks after Casey submitted Tech Qualled’s PPP application, the company received more than $84,000 in financial assistance. With that infusion of cash, Todd and his team have continued to train veterans for rewarding careers, albeit on a reduced scale. However, Todd points out that “every day moves the needle in a positive direction.” Seven Tech Qualled graduates have secured new sales positions since April, several are currently negotiating job offers, and several more are participating in final round interviews.

Whatever the future holds for Tech Qualled, Todd is confident of one thing. Should his small business ever need to call for reinforcements again, its request won’t be ignored. “Guaranty is our bank now,” Todd affirms. “They truly understand the dynamics of our business, and they’re rooting for us to succeed. As we build future financial models for Tech Qualled, Guaranty will be our partner, helping us optimize our liquidity and ability to support our veterans.”

About Tech Qualled

If you’re a veteran transitioning to the civilian workforce and are interested in a career in high-tech sales — or a tech company interested in hiring veterans — you can learn more about our, Tech Qualled’s, training program by Following our Facebook Page: or connecting with us on LinkedIn:

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About Guaranty Bank & Trust

At Guaranty Bank & Trust, we understand and appreciate the incredible diversity that defines Texas’ small business community. We also admire the courage and devotion it takes to start an organization that aims to make a positive impact. If you’re looking for a financial services provider who can help you make your entrepreneurial vision a reality, look no further than your nearest Guaranty Bank & Trust location. You can also contact our Custom Care Center at (888) 572-9881 or book a video appointment today. Our friendly, caring, and collaborative bankers can’t wait to learn more about your goals and strategies for success.

#GladToBeHere ~ John “Gucci” Foley Flyover with Tech Qualled Cohort 20

John "Gucci" Foley ~ GladToBeHereGladToBeHere ~ On May 16, 2020, Tech Qualled Cohort 20 began their 7 week veteran high-tech sales training program, Launchpad Academy, just days after the NBA, NHL, and NCAA postponed, eventually cancelling, their 2019-2020 seasons and tournaments due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Coronavirus. President Trump issued guidelines that same day urging people to avoid social gatherings of 10 or more. He also restricted discretionary travel, the first Coronavirus death was announced in Texas, and schools across America began to transition to distance / at-home learning.

As we learned to merge the words “Social Distancing” into our every day vernacular, the high performance leadership team at Tech Qualled quickly shifted gears to create their very first All-Virtual Launchpad Academy. Cohort 20 stood at the forefront of this dramatic shift in the high tech training business.

Day 1 was nothing short of success! As a surprise to the team for all of their hard work during the past 6 weeks, John “Gucci” Foley, former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, greeted the team very enthusiastically.  Cohort 20 was 100% locked into their very own Zoom session with a real live Blue Angel. After John’s time with the Blue Angels, he discovered his second passion in leadership and keynote speaking. His #GladToBeHere message has been shared with over one thousand corporations, over 10,000 leaders, and over 1 million people.

John took us on a video journey behind the scenes inside the Blue Angel Debriefing Room. He shared his thoughts on operational excellence, confidence in uncertain times, and high performance sales tools and teams. John helped to show our cohort how to create AWE in every aspect of their everyday lives. He bridged the military and the civilian gap by using a very simply Connect, Align, and Commit exercise consisting of answering two very important, yet simple, although deep, questions.

“Who am I?”

“Why am I glad to be here?”

John "Gucci" Foley ~ GladToBeHereDuring the meeting, John got up, walked over to his bookshelf, and shared his helmet from when he was on the Blues. The bright yellow helmet is significant because the best of the best surrounded him as he aimed high for excellence. Cohort 20’s  time with John was truly amazing!

A special thank you to Ed Healy and John’s Director of Client Relations, Gregg “SUGAR” Wynne, for giving this spectacular gift to our terrific Cohort 20 team. You are truly appreciated. We are grateful for you.


About John Foley

John “Gucci” Foley, of John Foley Inc., is a former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels. John is a top rated leadership keynote speaker, gratitude guru, and expert in the how of high performance teams. He graduated from the Sloan Fellows Program,  the world’s first general management and leadership education program for mid-career experienced managers, from Stanford School of Business. His exciting, rare journey inspires awe, triggering keynote audiences to take action and rethink what they believe is possible. You can follow John on his social media channels, listed below.

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About Tech Qualled

We Identify Top Talent | We Train Better | We Serve Leaders in the High Tech Space

At Tech Qualled, we believe that enhancing the lives of military veterans will bring greater prosperity to everyone. Tech Qualled does not believe that placing; recruiting; or simply finding jobs for them is the right answer.

In 2015, Tech Qualled set out to uncover new, innovative ways to affect the outcomes and opportunities afforded to the veteran community. Additionally, Tech Qualled identified the high technology space as being an incredibly undermanned industry due to unprecedented growth.

Tech Qualled made a commitment to create a program, an Academy, which provides veterans with a personalized learning environment that promises access to new and previously barricaded career paths in high technology. Since then, Tech Qualled’s scope has expanded to now serve early-in-career talent in hopes of ushering in a new, more prepared sales force.

You can follow Tech Qualled on our social media channels, listed below.

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