Announcing our newest course!

LAUNCH is an elite training program for the front lines of your business. Designed for early-in-career sales professionals, LAUNCH is a two-week, instructor-led virtual course that focuses on the following critical sales competencies:

  • Running successful customer meetings
  • Listening skills
  • Sales process & planning
  • Needs discovery
  • Extensive complex role play
  • Personality styles & prospecting
  • Objections, closing & negotiations
  • Gatekeepers, targeting & TSND planning
  • Presenting storytelling & proposing
  • Qualifying, investigating & financial justification



What our graduates are saying



What our graduates are saying

I absolutely love how intense these assignments can be and how they really make us think! Each section felt impactful and the gated pacing made progressing past a concept meaningful.

I really enjoy how within only a few minutes of progressing in the course material we are asked to come up with prospecting scripts, or example emails we would send to prospects. This immediately got me out of my comfort zone and forced me to not just sit and try and absorb the information, but actually apply it.

Well, week one down, and wow, I am truly impressed with the program TQ has put together for us. The learning is much more detailed, and realistic than anticipated, and I am very pleased about that. Great content, presented in a logical, meaningful fashion makes following along with the topic exciting, and interesting.

I am really blown away by the quality and simplicity of the online portal TQ has set up, and how much more effective their teaching style is than that of my online MBA program as well...makes me wonder why I'm spending all that money on it, when this level of professionalism and real teaching we are getting far exceeds what I'm paying for in my MBA.

I've always kind of thought of sales as more of an art form that you are either naturally good at or just not cut out for. After completing this week's material, I'm a bit relieved to know the actual structure and science behind the process.

At first I was a little overwhelmed by having to learn a completely new industry. However, as the week went on I felt more comfortable and confident with my ability to be successful.

Not only was the technical design intuitive and self-progressing, but the material was straight forward, down to earth, concise, and relevant. In one week, I already feel immensely more prepared for my career than I did this time last week.

I really enjoyed the structure and flow of the training this week...The training is a far cry from busy work which I experienced in some of my online MBA classes. I wish this structure was in some of my classes.



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